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St James Smokehouse

Specialises in Domestic Market, Fresh Seafood, Primary Processor, Seafood Exporter, Seafood Processor, Smoked Seafood, White Fish Processor

St. James Smokehouse® Scotch Reserve® Award Winning Scottish Smoked Salmon has been freshly hand-crafted in our traditional smokehouse located in the Royal Burgh of Annan, Scotland. Using only the finest Sustainable Scottish Salmon, we hand cure each fillet with a blend of pure sea salt and Demerara sugar – then we naturally cold smoke the salmon over smouldering oak chippings. Each smoked salmon fillet is fully trimmed by hand and vacuum sealed to capture that …

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The Firm of William Mitchell

Specialises in Cod, Coley (Saithe), Demersal, Domestic Market, Haddock, Hake, Halibut, Lemon sole, Ling, Mackerel, Monkfish, Pelagic, Plaice, Retail, Seafood Exporter, Shellfish, Skate & Rays, Squid, Turbot, Whiting, Wholesalers, Witch

Market based supplier of white fish to wholesale/retail markets Business established 1976 Mitchells is a leading wholesaler and merchant of seafood products located in Aberdeen in the heart of Scotlands rich fishing industry. Our main product is Haddock, iced and boxed for transportation to our clients in England, France and Germany. The company was established in 1976 by Bill Mitchell, the father of the current managing director – Gary Mitchell, who continues to follow the …

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Shetland Fish Ltd

Specialises in Catfish, Cod, Coley (Saithe), Demersal, Domestic Market, Gurnard, Haddock, Hake, Halibut, John Dory, Lemon sole, Ling, Megrim, Monkfish, Plaice, Pollack (Lythe), Seafood Exporter, Skate & Rays, Turbot, Tusk, Whiting, Wholesalers, Witch

Shetland Fish Ltd is a family business, with a trading history going back over 30 years. We are based in Lerwick, the capital of the Shetland Islands. Being equi-distant from the UK mainland, Norway and the Faroe Islands places us strategically at the heart of Europe’s richest fishing grounds. Prolific cod, haddock, whiting and monkfish fishing grounds are right on our doorstep. The wild and clean waters around the Islands are also ideal for farming …

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Scrabster Seafoods

Specialises in Brill, Catfish, Cod, Coley (Saithe), Crab, Dab, Demersal, Domestic Market, Dover Sole, Fresh Seafood, Frozen Seafood, Greenland Halibut (Black), Haddock, Hake, Halibut, John Dory, Langoustines Processor, Lemon sole, Ling, Lobster, Megrim, Monkfish, Mullet, Nephrops/Langoustine, Plaice, Pollack (Lythe), Razor Clam, Retail, Scallops, Sea Bass, Seafood Exporter, Seafood Processor, Shellfish, Skate & Rays, Smoked Seafood, Squid, Turbot, Tusk, White Fish Processor, Whiting, Wholesalers, Witch

We are the leading wholesaler of white fish and live shellfish based in the far north of Scotland, and are also unique in the UK in that we provide a complete and comprehensive service as an importer, vessel sales agent, processor and exporter of white fish and other seafood. Our main markets are in the UK, mainland Europe and the Far East. Established in the 1960s, we are a family owned and run business with …

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Nolan Seafood UK Ltd

Specialises in Catfish, Coated Seafood, Cod, Coley (Saithe), Demersal, Domestic Market, Farmed Salmon, Farmed Salmon/Trout, Farmed Trout, Fresh Seafood, Frozen Seafood, Greenland Halibut (Black), Haddock, Hake, Langoustines Processor, Ling, Monkfish, Nephrops/Langoustine, Pollack (Lythe), Retail, Seafood Exporter, Seafood Processor, Shellfish, Smoked Seafood, Squid, Tusk, White Fish Processor, Whiting, Wholesalers, Wild Salmon, Wild Salmon/ Trout, Wild Trout

Welcome to Nolan Seafoods (UK) Ltd Nolan Seafoods (UK) was founded in 2002 and is now part of the IFC/ Norsea group of companies. The Scottish processor, based in Aberdeen, employ 190 staff from the local area. We currently produce 60 tonnes of white fish fillets, 50 tonnes of Salmon fillets, 10 tonnes of salmon portions per week. To deliver the best product and aim for a continuity of supply, we have long term relationships …