Sustainable Seafoods (Peterhead) Ltd

GH Fish Fillets Ltd has become Sustainable Seafoods Peterhead Ltd to better communicate our focus on providing guaranteed quality and competitively priced product, consistency and continuity of supply of fish caught from boats that operate best practice in sustainability.

Sustainable Seafoods Peterhead Ltd was established in 2004 as a company to specialise in the selection, preparation and supply of top quality boned and skinned cod and haddock fillets to mainly supply the fish and chip shop and restaurant trade. Our customers for fillets or whole fish range in the main from Scrabster to Lowestoft.

Sustainable Seafoods Peterhead Ltd are registered first sale buyers with a frequent supply of fish direct from vessels.

As well as our filleted trade we are also adept at sourcing the very best quality whole fish of all species for supply to fish merchants UK wide.

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