Specialises in Cod, Coley (Saithe), Demersal, Domestic Market, Haddock, Hake, Halibut, Lemon sole, Ling, Mackerel, Monkfish, Pelagic, Plaice, Retail, Seafood Exporter, Shellfish, Skate & Rays, Squid, Turbot, Whiting, Wholesalers, Witch

Market based supplier of white fish to wholesale/retail markets

Business established 1976

Mitchells is a leading wholesaler and merchant of seafood products located in Aberdeen in the heart of Scotlands rich fishing industry. Our main product is Haddock, iced and boxed for transportation to our clients in England, France and Germany.

The company was established in 1976 by Bill Mitchell, the father of the current managing director – Gary Mitchell, who continues to follow the simple yet effective business model set so long ago. “Source and sell only the best that the market has to offer.”

With that simple objective, Mitchells has specialised in white round fish species, primarily Haddock, Cod and Whiting with the emphasis being on Scottish Haddock.

Contact: Gary Mitchell
60 Louisville Avenue, Aberdeen AB15 4TX
Tel:  07860 621339 / 01224 322771
Website: www.wmitchellfish.co.uk
Email:  gary@gmmitchell.plus.com