Press Release – Spiralling Energy Costs – 25/08/2022

The CEO of the Scottish Seafood Association, Jimmy Buchan, today raises further concerns on the spiralling energy crisis and the implications to the Scottish seafood industry. 

Energy crisis spiralling out of control

As with other sectors, week after week energy costs, particularly for gas, in the Scottish seafood processing sector are escalating. As businesses try to cope with ever-changing prices, it is of great concern that some energy suppliers are unable to give quotes on tariffs for next year.

This cannot continue or jobs will be lost, and food affordability and our country’s food security will be severely impacted, leading to us becoming increasingly reliant on foreign countries for our food.

I have written in recent days to the two candidates vying to become Prime Minister with no acknowledgement. It is time for the sitting tenant of No.10 and his ministers to act – in conjunction with Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak if need be – to prepare a plan that will restore business confidence that the Government is taking this crisis seriously.

Businesses across the sector find it scandalous that the incumbent Prime Minister is sitting quietly doing nothing while they are paying for extortionate energy costs that are out of control. We expect better of Government.

These high energy costs have come about because of the failure of successive governments to invest in our energy security.

The cost of energy needs to be capped at the current level to give business some clarity and certainty over pricing in the medium term.