Have you ever considered a career in the seafood industry?


There’s lots of roles for those looking for an exciting career in an industry full of heritage and embracing innovation for the future.

Scotland’s vibrant seafood industry offers amazing job opportunities to start or progress your career in some of the country’s most idyllic locations.

Scotland’s seafood is the best in the world and is a source of national pride. The £1.6b industry is now recruiting with diverse, secure and flexible roles on offer to join over 8,400 people already working in this sector. 

Come and be a proud key worker helping us put this amazing seafood on tables all over the world.

With roles spanning factory processing, HR, marketing, finance, commercial and engineering; Scotland’s vibrant seafood sector offers a wealth of career opportunities. 

We’re passionate about what we do and are looking for people who share our passion to come and join us.

Industry Experts

Jimmy Buchan

CEO of the Scottish Seafood Association

There is a great deal of uncertainty just now in the jobs market and people are evaluating not just what they do but where they do it.  The seafood processing sector is vibrant and offers a diverse range of career options within both large and small companies, often in attractive rural settings where you get more living space – whether buying or renting – for your money.

There are huge opportunities for people to go far in the seafood industry if they show the right ability, ambition and enthusiasm and this campaign seeks to shine a light on that and put a career in the sector into the hearts and minds of those looking for a fresh or new challenge.

Andrew Brown

Director of sustainability and public affairs at Macduff Shellfish

It’s not just a great industry to start a career – many people have brought their experience, qualifications and skills from other jobs, particularly oil and gas, into seafood. In our company, we’ve seen people move from different areas of food production or environmental work. And although there’s a general shortage of engineers, we don’t expect industry-specific knowledge as long as they have the skills and ability.
Ryan Scatterty

Managing Director of Thistle Seafood

We are always on the lookout for good engineers to join us and there’s many transferable skills from across the oil and gas industry, or those leaving the Armed Forces for example that we would hope to attract.

Case Studies

Job Vacancies

The following seafood companies regularly recruit for a wide variety of interesting roles. 

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    Discover a land where majestic landscapes meet the sea

    If there’s one thing the Covid pandemic has taught us, it’s to appreciate where we live and the space around us. 

    The North East of Scotland has spectacular scenery, wildlife, golf courses, distilleries, castles, beaches, leisure and entertainment, making it one of the top areas in Scotland to live and work.