Curio and Marel have opened their first UK Demo and Training Facility in Peterhead

Curio and Marel have opened their first UK demonstration and learning facility in Peterhead. This is at a pivotal time in the industry when technology and automation are taking an important role in seafood processing.

I recently visited the site, it is a new build and presented like a processing site inside, not like a factory showroom and this is on purpose.

It allows prospective customers the ability to see fish being processed and in fact they can bring their own raw materials with them to see how it will be handles on the machine. The de header and filleting machine in the photo can process up to 12 tonnes of fish per day (dependent on size and species).

Meet Alfey, all machinery is named after characters from Viking Sagas.

Processors visiting the site can use the knowledge of the onsite specialists. Training is included as part of the sales package and local support is available. As well as this, the site is able to store parts for the machinery they sell.

For more information please contact Richard Adam – Managing Director