Learning Journey to Norway – June 2022

I was invited on a learning journey to Iceland organised by Seafood Scotland and Opportunity North East to attend the North Atlantic Seafood Forum in Bergen.

The learning journey allowed for collaboration and networking with key people with the Scottish seafood industry, whilst allowing the opportunity to engage with delegates from other countries with lots of open dialogue and discussion.

One of the key learnings was that other countries are using products previous treated as By Products as Co Products, far more than we do in Scotland. For our industry to work towards this will require long-term workstreams driven by net zero targets and industry efficiencies.

We were able to get a deep insight in to global issues and trends on sustainability and what it means to other global operators. It is quite an eye opener to see how powerful these global certifications are how valued they are in other countries.

The informal format of the trip allowed for group members to have time and space to learn from each other and from the many presentations taking place at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum

The information gathered was insightful, informative and positive which can be used within our own businesses as well as help the sector as it forges it’s way into the future.

Jimmy Buchan