Associated Seafoods Ltd

Associated Seafoods (ASL) is the partner organisation of two specialist seafoods companies:

Lossie Seafoods and Moray Seafoods.


We are a leading Scottish seafood processor, with our focus on Scottish Smoked Salmon and Scottish Langoustine Scampi Cores.


With a proud tradition in Salmon smoking that goes back over 100 years, Associated Seafoods Ltd is a leading supplier of the highest quality Scottish smoked salmon.


Exported to Retailers and Foodservice businesses across five different continents, The Pride of Scotland brand is renowned around the world for its great quality and taste.


Our product range includes premium Scottish smoked salmon and Scottish langoustine. Our quality Scottish seafood is served in some of the world’s top restaurants and hotels and we are tremendously proud of our product range and our commitment to customer service.

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