New Sea A Bright Future Campaign – Social Media Influencers

We had the first influencer factory visit recently, Foodiequine went to Thistle Seafoods.  Find out how her day went here

Foodie Quine is Claire Jessiman, she is a passionate Scottish food and travel writer and blogger, she is also a brilliant cook and recipe developer based in the NE of Scotland.[0]=AZWIpsfMThVfHP3Vo2HsYSIecLZYWKFxYLeLvUiXdANy65CHOnDhAm7j83ER71gZ_aWlAJKDGnPIKvmNwaII8fimcPIuyd8xj6v1uTet0sDwSrShJvBAr95AfMxnNjaec-InRyqjmohACs1BY4nWImjn&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R