Seafish Onshore Training – Bivalve Shellfish Safety Training Courses

Whilst carrying out training and invigilation for Seafish it is also important that our knowledge and training is kept up to date.

I applied for a place on one of the Bivalve Shellfish Safety Training Courses.

I attended the Bivalve Purification Operations Training Course presented online via zoom.

There were 12 attendees on the course and this worked well over zoom, the course presenters were excellent, as were the slides and extra study information provided. The course allowed plenty of opportunities to ask questions and for clarification of any points, despite it being fast paced to cover all of the course materials.

I would definitely recommend the course to anyone thinking of attending.

There is also Bivalve Purification Management Training and a Bivalve Shellfish Hygiene Verification Training Programme available.

If you require any further information on the course or want to apply for a place, please contact