SSA award Peterhead Academy pupils with Sea to Plate Discovery Project with certificates

It was great to go to Peterhead Academy and present the awards to the pupils who took part in the scheme. A special award of a gift voucher was presented to one of the pupils for his outstanding engagement in the programme

Although a pilot project to see what was possible, the reception from the school, pupils and industry alike was amazing and we look forward continuing with this in 2023.

Thank you to the following people and businesses;

Lynne Gordon of the Community Learning and Development Team who ensured the young people were available for all the activities.

Gerry McCluskey Head Teacher at Peterhead Academy although new to his post at the school, is keen to develop links between the school and local businesses.

Sam Foley at DYW, her enthusiasm to ensure young people understand the diversity of careers available in the seafood industry mirrors ours and we are very much looking forward to future projects.

Natalia at the Dolphin Cafe in Peterhead, allowing the group to fry (and of course eat) fish and chips.

NESCOL Maritime Academy Peterhead for giving the group some time of the boat simulators.

Laeso Fish in Peterhead for giving the group a tour of the site and allowing them to tail prawns, special thanks to key members of the team for taking the time to explain their job at Laeso and their career paths.

Morrisons Supermarket in Peterhead for allowing the group to see the workings of the fish counter.

Graeme at GT Seafoods in Peterhead for the guided tour of the site and explanation of the processes.

Thistle Marine for the guided tour of the busy workshop to see the scale of the equipment and machinery involved.

Amity Fish Co. in Peterhead for the tour of the site and an insight in to online selling and customer service.