SSA member helps Seafish hit remote learning milestone

SSA member, Laeso Fish, has helped seafood industry support agency, Seafish, hit a new milestone, after Engineer, Boris Vascenko, became the 500th person to complete an accredited course remotely.

Remote learning was introduced by Seafish in May last year in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been a huge success, helping companies continue to keep vital certificates and accreditations up to date. The Scottish Seafood Association (SSA) is proud to be an invigilator for Seafish’s online courses and is delighted with the success of the initiative.

SSA Invigilator, Jean Meikle, comments: “After having little option during lockdown, our members opted for remote learning. But, it is amazing how it has changed their thinking. For many of our members, it has introduced them to a new way of learning, and one that is likely to continue when restrictions ease. Although many of these courses are fully funded by Seafish, participants are enjoying the cost and time-saving benefits of not having to travel to complete courses in a classroom setting. The courses are well set up and – thanks to technology – delegates enjoy instant accreditation. We feel proud to be a part of it and will be encouraging our members to embrace it moving forward.”

Seafish delivers a range of courses to the seafood industry, including: Food Hygiene, Fish Quality Assessment, HACCP, and Bivalve Purification.

Laeso Engineer, Boris, studied for an Elementary Food Hygiene qualification and passed his exam in February. He said: “I started at Laeso Fish on 26 June 2020 as an Engineer. This is my first proper engineering role after serving an apprenticeship at another company. I am thoroughly enjoying my time here. Although I work as a lone engineer I have good back up from the management team to help me do my job to the best of my ability with regular meetings for feedback and to discuss potential needs.”

He continued: “I found the Seafish food hygiene course very interesting as I like to always be learning. I enjoyed using the online platform as it allows me to learn at my own pace. I can fit it in around my work schedule as well as being able to soak in the information without the pressure of someone having to talk through it in a few hours.”

Seafish courses are part or fully funded and are available to all SSA members. For more information on funding and courses, please contact us directly or visit The Seafood Training Academy here.

Boris with certificate - Scottish Seafood Association